Med Conceptions Season 3 Trailer

Med Conceptions Video Podcasts

Get ready for an exhilarating Season 3 of the Med Conceptions podcast!

This season, we’ve lined up an incredible array of exciting guests who will share their insights on achieving wellness, mindfulness, innovation and world-changing discoveries. From expert nutritionists and fetal medicine professors to chiropractors and mental health advocates, we’re leaving no stone unturned in our quest for knowledge and inspiration.


  • 18/08/23 – Prof Kypros Nicolaides – Founder and Chairman of the Fetal Medicine Foundation
  • 25/08/23 – Dr Eline Pedersen – Doctor of Chiropractic | Entrepreneur
  • 01/09/23 – Dr Mark Cox – Physician | Host of the @thestraighttalkingdr Podcast
  • 08/09/23 – Avgoustinos Mesaritis – Nutritional Therapist | Naturopath
  • 15/09/23 – Dr Stelios Serghiou – Physician | Clinical Epidemiologist | Biomedical Data Scientist
  • 22/09/23 – Dr Mahmood Ahmad – Consultant Cardiologist | Volunteer for Doctors of the World

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