Med Conceptions: Episode 4 – Talk with Dr. Demos Michaelides: MRI’s, CT’s and X-ray’s with Consultant Radiologist

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MRI’s, CT’s and X-ray’s with Consultant Radiologist Dr Demos Michaelides | MC S01E4

In this episode Dr Demos Michaelides a Consultant Radiologist and Cambridge Medical School Graduate talks about the different methods of Imaging their uses and risks. He answers many questions on misconceptions such as, whether or not X-rays cause cancer ? He also talks about the future role of Artificial Intelligence in radiology and dives deep into why he became a radiologist.

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*Disclaimer: The information provided is no substitute for professional medical advice. No liability is accepted as a consequence of any actions taken by any individual in response to this podcast. It is strongly recommended that you independently verify any interpretation of this material and if you have a medical problem that you see your doctor or another medical professional.

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