Med Conceptions: Episode 3 – Talk with Dr. Tassos C. Kyriakides: Biostatistician at Yale about Public Health, Mediterranean Nutrition & Olive Oil

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Public Health, Mediterranean Nutrition & Olive Oil – Dr Tassos C. Kyriakides: Biostatistician at Yale | MC Pod S01E3

In this episode, Dr Kyriakides talks about biostatistics and Public health, while highlighting the pivotal importance of data presentation and the power of saying “I don’t know..”. He also introduces the Olive Wellness Institute and talks about the many health benefits of Mediterranean Nutrition, Olive oil, Olives, Olive leaf extract and the Olive tree itself. 

Dr Tassos C. Kyriakides, a biostatistician/epidemiologist, provides methodological and statistical consulting in the design, execution and analysis of multiple collaboratory clinical research projects.He has an interest in the history of medicine, social determinants of health and the socio-cultural dimension of the benefits of Greek/Mediterranean nutrition. He also leads the efforts to establish the Yale Olive Institute.

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*Disclaimer: The information provided is no substitute for professional medical advice. No liability is accepted as a consequence of any actions taken by any individual in response to this podcast. It is strongly recommended that you independently verify any interpretation of this material and if you have a medical problem that you see your doctor or another medical professional.

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