New Scientific Collaborator of Apostolos Loukas Medical Center

María Noval Ormaechea is a General Health Psychologist. She is from Oviedo (Asturias) where she graduated from the Faculty of Psychology. After that, due to her great interest in the field of legal psychology, she studied two double degree masters (Forensic Psychology + Expert in forensic ballistics and armament and Legal Psychology + Clinical Psychology). Finally, she decided to opt for Clinical Psychology and she did she health qualification at the Loyola University of Seville (Andalusia).

She has training and experience in adult Clinical Psychology, Eating Disorder’s treatment and Forensic
Psychology. Her way of working is fundamentally cognitive-behavioural, based mainly on the intervention in
the two aspects that make up human behaviour, on the one hand the more objective and observable part
(behaviour) and on the other hand the part of thoughts and subjective states of consciousness (cognition).
But also, she done some interventions with systematic therapy, specially in family cases.

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