I am very grateful to my doctor

I was a heavy smoker for the past 27 years. Had tried many different ways to stop smoking, such as, the patch, the chewing gum, cutting down one cigarette a day, group therapy, cold turkey and nothing helped. I had used a previous medication, also an anti depressant in the past and it worked brilliantly and I quit for seven years only to start again. Once I decided to stop and asked my pharmacist for that medication, I learnt it had been discontinued. While discussing with my GP about possible solutions to my smoking problem, he recommended I try Wellbutrin 150mg. After a month my cravings were almost gone. On the second month I chose a day to stop and was surprised to see that I wasn’t bothered much with cravings, it was very manageable, which for me have always been a huge part of my countless attempts at quitting. This medication gave me the extra boost I needed. Almost as if it “creates” the willpower to stop, which I never had. For me, smoking had always been a very psychological habit. This is where I believe Wellbutrin helped. It gave me more energy and strength to not “think” about smoking. I am very grateful to my doctor for having found this great way out of my awful, almost life long habit!

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