Continue you constant effort for improvement and setting up the standards for primary care in Nicosia

I contacted the medical center for an issue I considered as urgent. The receptionist listened to me carefully and shared that I will be contacted soon by personal doctor deputy since my personal doctor was out of office.
To my surprise I received a call from the physician. He was fully aware and informed of my condition and medical history and he recommended a referral to another specialist within your facilities.
To my second surprise since I considered this urgent  I got an appointment the same day.
The specialist took a very good medical  history, was informed very well on my records and quickly came to a recommendation and a solution.
What I want to share and emphasize is the following:
– I was heard and acknowledged by all people who contacted me
– the speed and accuracy of all steps (timing, appointment, keeping the timelines)
– the quality of the service in general
I find extremely useful to share this feedback with you. I realize that behind this experience there is a well designed quality system and an investment in which I find big value.
Thanks for listening to me and keep setting up the standards of health care, something we desperately need.
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